Jax Thirio, Nick Thompson

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College wrestling coach Jax Thirio and hottie young college wrestling star Nick Thompson have a strong connection in the ring but after the match, Jax needs to speak tactics with Nick.

The situation develops quickly and the two notice that they have a mutual attraction for each other.

Jax can’t help but notice that Nick’s sporting a huge hard-on through his wrestling singlet.

He reaches down to stroke it and Nick grabs Jax around the neck and they make out, kissing passionately before Jax runs his tongue up and down Nick’s smooth ass crack.

Then they switch places and Jax gets a firm rimjob from Nick’s inquisitive tongue.

First Jax forces his huge erect dick balls deep into Nick’s hot tight asshole, power fucking him to an inch of an orgasm.

Nick then takes control of the situation pumping his solid cock into Jax, making him lose control.

Jax can feel every inch of the younger dude’s raw dick moving inside him and quickly gets to the point of no return spraying them both with his hot powerful jets of jizz.

Seeing all this cum makes Nick orgasm firing off shot after shot of creamy ejaculate all over his stomach. Then the coach and young wrestler come together for a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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