Thyle Knoxx , Malik Delgaty

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Big muscle dude Malik Delgaty strips off his shirt and is strutting his stuff in front of the camera as sexy young cameraman Thyle Knoxx is trying to frame a shot for the new advertisement.

Thyle gets hot under the collar as muscular hunk Malik plays with the Master Blaster Muscle Massager running it over his firm pecs and hard six-pack abs.

Thyle reaches for his crotch and feels that his big dick is already a raging hardon as he releases it from his jeans, Malik asks if he is ok.

Of course, he is ok, he’s a professional but when it comes to squaring up his camera to Malik’s big crotch bulge Thyle loses any sense of professionalism and he strips off down to just his jockstrap and braces for entry, doggie style.

Malik first opens Thyle’s tight hole with the massager getting him ready for his huge muscle dick.

As Malik forces his big hard cock into Thyle’s hot bubble ass hole Thyle can’t believe his luck, he can feel every inch of Malik moving inside him.

They swap positions each time Malik gets his thick dick deeper into Thyle’s tight raw ass hole, hammering his ass till both sexy dudes are about to cum.

Thyle is first to go over the edge and blow a huge load of jizz all over them both quickly followed by Malik who sprays his cum all over Thyle’s face giving him a massive cum facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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