Roman Todd, Aiden Ward

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Sexy hunk Roman Todd and young dude Aiden Ward are roomies they are chatting in the kitchen after a heavy night partying.

Aiden is stressing as his boss is complaining about waiting for his latest video review for his channel, which Roman reminds him is due today.

As they are sat on the couch surrounded by dildos of all different sizes and shapes Roman seems to be offering to help as he deep throats a particularly long thick sex toy.

In the next moment, Roman is butt naked probing his tight bubble asshole with another thick one, all the while Aiden is studiously taking notes.

All this hot fake dick play is making Roman horny as he kneels down on the floor and undresses Aiden releasing his soft cock from his underwear and sucking it to the back of his throat.

Aiden’s dick quickly becomes rock solid and his erection chokes Roman’s throat causing him to gag as Aiden moans with pleasure.

As Roman is sprawled out in front of him, Aiden reaches forward and fingers Roman’s smooth ass crack before spinning him around and getting his tongue deep in his ass hole.

Aiden then forces his thick erect dick balls deep into Roman’s raw asshole bareback fucking the cute stud with long deep strokes in and out till his cum filled balls are slapping on his ass cheeks.

The sexy dudes change positions many times with Roman’s hot hole taking a pummeling from all directions and Roman cleaning Aiden’s cock with his wet tongue.

The hardcore raw fucking continues until Aiden turns the tattooed hottie on his back and pounds him in missionary till Roman can hold off no longer and sprays cum all over his sexy body.

Aiden then pulls out and gives Roman a huge cum facial, with hot creamy jizz dripping off his beautiful face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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