Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs

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It is young sexy stud Ryan Jacobs’s birthday and he is having a bit of a birthday bash when his bearded sexy stepdad Markus Kage gatecrashes with a Penis piñata.

Ryan can’t thank him enough and as he hangs up the balloon he catches the eye of Markus and he pulls his pants down and presses his bare butt into his face.

Markus licks his tongue along Ryan’s young smooth ass crack getting it in deep into his tight moist hole.

Ryan is spreadeagled over the countertop in just his white sock and t-shirt with Markus rimming his asshole getting it nice and wet for his huge cock.

Markus flops his big thick dick out of his pants and young Ryan gags on it as he swallows it balls deep right to the back of his throat.

All this happens whilst his mom and sister are sat across the apartment, so they are as quiet as they can be.

The dudes hurriedly put their clothes back on when the ladies come over, but as Ryan tries to hit the piñata he accidentally knocks out his mom and his sis.

Markus consoles him with some of his big thick dick, getting the twink bottom naked and bareback fucking him on the couch.

The burly muscle hunk of a stepdad even picks Ryan up for a stand-and-carry raw ass fucking before Ryan rides the top’s cock cowboy-style till he cums, then takes a huge cum birthday facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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