Kaleb Stryker, Collin Simpson

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After spending the day alone at his new step-grandpa’s home, Nate Grimes wanders up into the attic and is looking through some old boxes when he finds an old gay porno movie already loaded in the cine projector.

As the movie starts Nate gets totally engrossed in the movie and the action onscreen.

A sexy hunk Collin Simpson, naked to the waist, caresses passionately the handsome young blindfolded stud Kaleb Stryker.

Kaleb feeds his cock to Collin who sucks down hard on it before returning the favour.

Collin then shoves his hard dick into Kaleb’s smooth bubble ass stretching his hole wide as Kaleb’s ass swallows Collin’s big erection whole.

The vintage porn scene excites Nate, making him extra hard as he watches the musclebound hunk pummel Kaleb’s hot ass.

First doggy style then fucking him in missionary going balls deep till they both orgasm spurting their cum all over each other, leaving Nate wanting much, much more.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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