Kaleb Stryker, Calhoun Sawyer

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Hot redhead muscle stud Calhoun Sawyer and ripped dark-haired hunk Kaleb Stryker are together having a warm shower.

They soap up and run each others’ hands over their sexy bodies.

Calhoun grabs at Kaleb’s soft soapy dick and Kaleb rubs his ass over Calhoun’s crotch, getting him all horny.

Now with both young dudes getting stonking hardons, Calhoun rubs the tip of his big erect mushroom cockhead up and down Kaleb’s smooth ass crack.

With Kaleb holding the taps pushing his bubble butt asshole back hard onto Calhoun’s thick cock as Calhoun forces it deep inside his hole.

He grinds his ass against the top’s cock feeling every inch of Calhoun’s stiff erection moving inside him.

The guys dry off and head to the bedroom, where Kaleb gives Calhoun a thorough hand job, tantalizing him with little licks before sucking that dick.

He bends over the side of the bed as Calhoun fucks him doggy style, then rides him.

Calhoun fucks the bottom mish till Kaleb cums and begs for a facial, so the redhead covers his pretty face in cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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