Johnny Rapid, Jack King, Sebastian Young

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Prison inmate Johnny Rapid is lead into the shower block by two prison guards Sebastian Young and Jack King.

Sebastian pushes Johnny into a cubicle telling him, “Take your clothes off bro.”

Johnny undresses and relaxes under the hot water shower, he’s feeling horny so he jerks his soft cock until it is throbbing with a huge hardon.

Once the shower is over Johnny steps out to be asked by Jack to get back in the shower.

“Please” Johnny pleads, “I’ll do anything, I’ll suck your cock.” “Yeah!”, replies Jack.

Jack forces Johnny to kneel down as Jack undoes his pants and lets his huge cock flop out into Johnny’s face.

Johnny quickly grabs Jack’s dick and guides it into his mouth, getting his tongue and lips around Jack’s thick member.

Sebastian returns and joins the guys his hard cock already with a raging erection. Johnny swaps constantly sucking first Jack then blowing Sebastian, all the while jerking his own dick.

While Johnny sucks Jack, Sebastian forces his long thick cock between Johnny’s ass cheeks opening up his hole and pressing it home until his balls slap against his butt.

Johnny moans with pleasure, he just loves feeling Sebastian’s dick moving firmly inside him.

Johnny switches places so that Jack is now fucking him and he is blowing Sebastian.

The guys double penetrate Johnny on his back with both their cocks deep inside his tight hole.

This becomes too much for Johnny who cannot hold off any longer and shoots a huge spray of jizz all over his abs and chest.

He’s followed quickly by both the sexy guards who cover him in their creamy cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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