John Magnum, Tyler Sweet

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Young Tyler Sweet is commiserating with a friend after he’s heard that he is not on the team.

They hatch up a plan to get Tyler back on the sport’s roster.

In just his gym kit Tyler knocks on Coach John Magnum’s door and sits down next to him at his desk.

Coach Magnum says sorry son but you’ll just have to work harder and come back next year.

Tyler is not giving up that easily as he rubs his hands up along Coach Magnum’s bare legs, he reaches into his shorts and feels his already hardening big thick dick.

He licks the Coach’s hard erect cock sucking it to the back of his young throat. The Coach lifts Tyler up vertically so that they can 69 each others’ dicks.

He then penetrates the young sportsman with his thick cock pressing it home deep in his tight boy ass.

They fuck in a variety of positions including reverse cowboy and missionary each time Coach Magnum getting his boy closer and closer to the edge.

Finally, Tyler can take the ass fucking no more and the sensation drives him over the edge, shooting cum all over his lithe young body.

Seeing the floods of jizz, Coach Magnum can’t hold off any longer spraying his load across them both.

Tyler may not be on the team but the Coach has got his back all the same.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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