Adam Herst, Travis Stevens

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Hottie young twink Travis Stevens loves to film himself jerking off for his online friends.

Potential trouble arises when Travis barges into his new stepdad Adam Herst’s bedroom to find him jerking off to some porn on his laptop.

Travis seizes the laptop and is surprised to find that Adam is wanking off to his own homemade gay porn.

After a short argument, Travis pushes Adam back down onto the bed and opens his bathrobe, grabbing his huge erect cock, and sucking it to the back of his throat.

Travis gags on Adam’s huge man meat.

Adam returns the favor sucking his young dick and sliding his tongue deep along his smooth ass crack, getting his tongue deep into his hot boy hole.

Travis spreads his legs as Adam pushes his massive thick dick into his well-lubed hole fucking him in a number of different sex positions.

The fucking continues with Travis’ smooth ass hole taking a real hard pounding until he can take no more spraying his hot boy cum all over his stomach and chest.

He is quickly followed by Adam who covers them both in his man cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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