Anniversary Plans – Aston Springs and Ray Diesel

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Ray Diesel & Aston Springs are in bed talking about their upcoming one year anniversary and what they should do to celebrate. Ray suggests they get out of town and Aston agrees. Once they have decided, Aston tells Ray he has an earlier anniversary present for him and he starts sucking Ray’s massive cock. Aston makes love to Ray’s cock for a while. Then Ray rims Aston’s ass like a champ! Aston loves every moment of Ray’s tongue in his ass, but he wants his cock even more. Ray starts fucking Aston doggy style over the bed and drives his cock deep inside. Ray then flips Aston onto his back and starts sucking his cock before continuing to fuck him. He fucks Aston on his back for a while until Aston shoots his load and then Ray shoots his. After they cum, Ray tells Aston that he has decided that after they visit North Carolina he is taking him to Las Vegas as well for their anniversary and Aston is thrilled! Enjoy!

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