Zak Bishop, Dominic Pacifico

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Sexy tattooed young stud Zak Bishop and bearded muscle hunk Dominic Pacifico are in a rush as they open the front door of their house whilst they make out kissing passionately.

Zak in his tight shorts and sneakers follows Dominic upstairs to the bedroom, where they strip off their clothes and quickly get down to sucking each others’ big erect dicks.

Zak swallows hairy stud Dominic’s huge cock gagging on it as it hits the back of his throat.

Dominic returns the favor blowing young Zak’s big thick dick making him moan with pleasure.

With Zak braced on the bed in doggie-style position Dominic forces his massive erection between Zak’s ass cheeks entering his hot hole and pressing home balls deep.

Zak moans loudly as he feels Dominic’s thick dick moving inside him, Zak pushes his ass, backward getting Dominic’s hung cock deeper and harder inside his hole.

With Zak on his back with his legs in the air, Dominic bareback fucks his hole rampantly firing his raw dick repeatedly into his tight bubble butt asshole like a power drill.

They switch up positions a few more times each allows Dominic to dominate Zak’s asshole bringing them both closer to orgasm, but then he relents slightly to stave off cumming just a little bit longer.

As Zak’s moaning starts to increase he cries out in ecstasy as Dominic cums inside him, pulling out briefly then fucking his cum back inside.

This is all too much for young Zak whose ass has taken a right bareback pummelling as he shouts out just before he sprays a huge volley of cumshots all over his abs.

Both sexy dudes lie back in each other’s arms, their sexual mores sated for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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