Draven Navarro, Andy Taylor

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Draven Navarro is practicing his Tennis skills with his young sexy Tennis Coach Andy Taylor.

When Draven injures his shoulder in a backhand swing, it is young Andy who helps him massage it better.

As Andy kneels before him he unleashes Draven’s huge cock from his Tennis shorts, sucking it down to the back of his young throat.

Draven then parts Andy’s smooth butt cheeks forcing his erect cock deep into his tight virgin asshole.

Andy loves the feeling of Draven’s big black cock moving inside him as he pumps little Andy’s hole getting his dick balls deep.

As Draven bareback fucks Andy’s hole he shoots precum as Andy moans loudly.

The hardcore anal fucking continues until both Draven and Andy are close to orgasm.

Draven increases the intensity of his raw cock fucking until Andy can hold on no longer and he sprays his jizz load all over himself.

The sight of his cumshot drives Draven over the edge and she showers the young lad’s asshole with his cum before fucking the load back inside his cute smooth butt hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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