Casey Everett, Lance Charger

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Sexy cowboys Casey Everett and Lance Charger are having a serious heart to heart in the yard.

Young stud Casey reaches in to kiss older hunk Lance as a thank you for his understanding ways.

They both strip off his shirts as Casey twists Lance’s nipples hard.

Casey reaches down and feels Lance’s huge hard dick through his jeans.

He drops to his knees and sucks in Lance’s huge man meat taking it right to the back of his throat.

Casey drops his jeans and underwear and falls onto all fours, allowing Lance to finger his hole.

Lance splits apart Casey’s ass cheeks getting his tongue in there deep rimming his tight asshole.

With Casey bracing against a rock Lance pumps his huge raw dick balls deep into Casey’s bubble butt making him moan with ecxtasy.

Casey pushes his ass backwards getting Lance’s rock like cock harder into his hot bare hole.

Lance continues pummeling Casey’s ass till he can take it no more and he shoots his load all over the place.

He’s quickly followed by Lance who cums then fucks the cum back inside Casey’s aching asshole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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