Physical Evaluations – James Fox and Bruce Jones

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Along with their physical endurance, The Swords Facility is also set on making sure that each new recruit has the mental stamina to survive under intense pressure. In a lone examination room, Special Agent James Fox is putting newcomer Bruce Jones to the test by having him complete a series of complicated mind games while he stands only a foot away, teasing Bruce with his exposed cock. Able to ignore the distraction and successfully complete the challenge, Bruce is rewarded by finally getting the chance to wrap his lips around James’ meat and lean over the table for the agent to rim his hole. Pleased with his continued performance, James even goes to fuck the newbie with Bruce begging for more and more of James’ hot cock at each bareback thrust. Laying naked on a table, Bruce completes his testing session by stroking out a thick load onto himself right before James pulls out to unleash his nut on the bottom’s ballsack.

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