Men’s Briefs – Cade Maddox and Shae Reynolds

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Twink Shae Reynolds has been seeing A-lister Cade Maddox and his fat bulge on every billboard in New York City and now the hung hunk is magically in the middle of his living room. Convinced that he must be dreaming, Shae gives in and goes down to suck off the famous fucker’s massive cock. Cade pumps himself in and out of the boy’s mouth before taking his experienced tongue to Shae’s cheeks. With his ass wet and ready, Cade guides his girthy member into Shae’s hairless hole. The room fills with the sound of Shae moaning and Cade’s balls slapping loudly against Shae’s taint as he continuously thrusts himself into the young man’s hungry ass. After both men bust, the twinky bottom wakes up with a wet spot on his underwear and realizes that all the intense bareback action with the man of his dreams just existed in his dirty, hopeful mind.

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