Jason Maddox, Kyle Kash

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It’s a busy weekend in San Francisco’s Castro district, Kyle Kash is cruising for sex. He catches the eye of Jason Maddox, who has a thick bulge in his jeans.

The guys enter the bar and sink a couple of drinks as the crowd clears out.

Kyle flirts with Jason and closes in on his crotch, he looks up at him with his big puppy-dog eyes.

Jason then moves into pole position, sucking down hard on Kyle’s cock till it hits the back of his throat.

As Kyle leans over the chair it gives Jason access to his tight bubble butt.

Jason runs his tongue down his ass crack, getting in deep into this hot moist hole.

Kyle’s ass opens to allow Jason’s huge dick to slide in until his balls thwack against his ass cheeks.

They fuck in a number of changing positions until Kyle explodes cum all over, closely followed by Jason spurting jizz all over them both.

Their sexual urges sated both guys lie in each others’ arms. Summer has never felt so sweet.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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