Colton Reece, Zario Travezz

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Lights, camera, action, it’s showtime at the Falcon Studios set for their latest porn movie and hot ripped stud Colton Reece and horny black dude Zario Travezz are naked on the bed.

They are under the lights making out and feeling each other’s ripped bodies as the still photographer clicks away and the movie camera starts capturing another hot gay porn scene.

Colton pulls apart Zario’s hairy ass cheeks and gets his tongue deep between them finally finding his hole and rimming it hard getting him lubed up for what comes next.

Zario then returns the favor as he just loves to rim a top’s hot asshole.

Colton then forces his huge erect dick into Zario’s butt hole getting his cock in balls deep with long strong pummeling action as Zario moans with pleasure.

Then Zario takes control hovering his asshole over Colton’s huge thick cock before grinding his ass down over and over feeling every inch of Colton moving deep inside him.

The intensity of the bareback anal fucking is wild and both guys have to pause occasionally to prevent them from shooting their load too early.

Expert bottom stud Zario increases his ass muscle tension gripping Colton’s dick like a vice and getting him close to orgasm.

Between fuck sessions, Zario bends down to suck on Colton’s rampant cock before Colton shoves it back inside Zario’s aching hole.

Now with Zario on his back, Colton power fucks him, quickly getting to orgasm and firing off volley after volley of jizz all over Zario’s ass before fucking the cum back inside.

Zario wanks his own cock until he blows a huge load all over his ripped abs, with cum dripping down the two sexy muscle men embrace in a post fuck cuddle their sex drives sated for now.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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