Roman Todd, Johnny Moon

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When sexy young guy Noel Kline’s (Roman Todd) mother (Aaliyah) finds a stash of gay porn under her son’s bed, she is totally shocked.

There is no way her son Noel is gay.

She asks her hairy-chested surfer boy stepson Otis (Johnny Moon) to tell her the truth about Noel, and she tells him to find out by any means possible.

Hottie muscle boy Otis wanders into Noel’s bedroom and shakes his hot bubble ass in his face.

Noel can’t take his eyes off Otis and entices him onto the bed, dropping his sweatpants to his ankles and sucking his big thick dick until his balls are bouncing off his lips.

Otis then bends over allowing Noel to parts his smooth ass cheeks with both hands running his tongue up and down his ass crack getting his tongue into his moist pink hole.

Noel then sinks his huge cock into stepbro Otis’s ass powerfucking him until the young stud is on the edge of orgasm before he sprays a huge load of jizz all over himself.

Noel pulls out as he orgasms coating Otis’s bare ass with his thick cum load.

The sexy step bros lean in for a cummy post fuck kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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