Fistpack 23 – What’s Happening Down There? – RJ Danvers and Junior Stellano

Club Inferno Dungeon

It’s hard to know where to begin to describe this film. I guess the bestplace to start is with the scene between Raging Stallion ExclusivesJunior Stellano and RJ Danvers. Many of you have seen RJ in someof our mainstream movies (he really shined in To The Last Man). Theother day RJ came by my office and said ‘I got a surprise for you!’ Helet me know that he had turned into a power fisting bottom virtuallyovernight! Guys, I have to tell you that RJ follows in the footsteps ofone of my all time favorite fisting actors, Mark Evrett (who I sawyesterday on the street! He says hello to all of his fans.). Like Markwas when he first did porn, RJ is in his early 20s, hairy, and his wholelife is focused on his ass. The line of fisting tops is long at RJ’s house,and he lives to have his ass stretched and pounded. Junior Stellano,one of the hottest men in America, also loves ass, but from the ‘top’perspective. He takes control and gives RJ a royal workout fitting forthe first fisting scene for Mr. Danvers. The bottom line this–RJDanvers is the fisting ‘discovery’ of the year. He is Raging Stallion’stop new fisting superstar!

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