Denver Dubois, Kevin Texas

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Poor Denver Dubois’s travel plans to get to Austin for today’s shoot didn’t quite go to plan.

He missed his flight and ended up spending most of his day traveling finally arriving in Austina at 6pm.

As soon as he arrived he was raring to go.

Kevin Texas and his girlfriend drove over from their home and they had a good time relaxing in the Austin downtown area.

Once in the room, they both were doing good, but I could tell Denver’s energy was flagging.

This was his first video where he bottomed the entire time, and Kevin didn’t go easy on him.

He took it like a champ though, with his running commentary, encouraging Kevin to fuck him.

Kevin is so good at fucking in a spoon position, I think of it as his strongest position.

He fucked Denver on his back and creampie’d his hole nicely.

Denver was eager to cum, but didn’t think he could while Kevin fucked him.

So he gets his dick hard and cums all over Kevin’s cock.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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