Aiden Asher, Jay Tee

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Aiden Asher and Jay Tee are two fair-skinned dudes whose chemistry is electric right from the off.

Jay is the more dominant guy and he pushes Aiden’s mouth down to service his already fully erect dick.

Aiden wearing a hot red jockstrap opens his ass as Jay slides in a well-lubed butt-plug getting the bottom ready for a powerful bareback ass fucking.

After servicing Jay Tee’s cock, Jay Tee slides a butt-plug into Aiden’s hole, getting him ready for some fucking.

They 69 suck each other, but Jay Tee was ready to pull the plug, literally, on Aiden and get his own cock inside.

I especially liked when Jay Tee was doing push-ups into Aiden’s ass.

We get a great cum shot from both, as Jay Tee fucks him doggie-style, and Aiden rains cum down on us.

Rather, it hit his jock perfectly, leaving a cum soaked jockstrap on the floor.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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