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Felix Harris, Rick Lennon

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At a club and hoping to find ‘the one,’ Colton Reece comes across Luke Truong and immediately makes a connection with him. Colton swoops the young twink away to an empty back room where he strips him down and skulls…

Michael Nielsen, Antu Burghos

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Aspiring photographer Antu Burghos is taking a few shots when he’s confronted by bully boy Michael Nielsen. We all know that a hot bully loves nothing more than a mouth on his dick and a tight twink hole to fuck…

Vincent Landi, Antu Burghos

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Vincent Landi leads his new twinky student by his rope into the play den and young Antu Burghos knows to get to work as instructed. Soon enough he has his master’s jeans open and that delicious big cock thrusting into…