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John Evans – John Evans

75521 01 01 1 768x416 - John Evans - John Evans

Young buck John Evans is finally home and all he has been thinking about is stroking his cock. He sits on his favorite couch and eases into things as he slowly takes his clothes off. John likes to take his…

Hunter Knox – Hunter Knox

75258 01 01 768x416 - Hunter Knox - Hunter Knox

Hunter Knox has been hitting the books hard all day and he deserves a nice needed break. Once the pen hits his lips his hand begins to wander underneath the desk. He slowly gropes his growing wishing he was in…

Derek Hart – Derek Hart

75257 01 01 768x416 - Derek Hart - Derek Hart

Derek Hart sits out on the deck on a sunny afternoon undressing himself. He begins to play with his cock making every inch hard and beautiful to look it. He strokes his throbbing cock fast and his balls bounce back…

James Ray – James Ray

74782 01 01 768x416 - James Ray - James Ray

James Ray has just got home from a long days work and first thing he does is kick back on his huge comfortable bed. James lives alone and for good reason. He might be tired but once he hits that…