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Get Funk’d – Reign and Trevor Brooks

98997 01 01 768x432 - Get Funk'd - Reign and Trevor Brooks

Having just arrived for their weekend Palm Springs getaway, Reign and Trevor Brooks immediately ditch their bags and set out to get into each other’s shorts. Trevor doesn’t waste any time as he drops to his knees and starts servicing…

Skintight – Ethan Sinns and Sean Austin

93944 01 01 768x432 - Skintight - Ethan Sinns and Sean Austin

In preparation for his involvement in ‘Skintight’ magazine’s annual wall calendar, Ethan Sinns is taking the time to completely shave his ass to ensure it’s 100% camera ready. Fresh out of the shower himself, fellow model Sean Austin lends Ethan…

Hot House Best Bareback Scenes Compilation

91995 01 01 768x432 - Hot House Best Bareback Scenes Compilation

Hot House Presents a compilation of their best bareback videos, enjoy!<br><br><b>00:08</b> – <a href=’/en/video/hothouse/Hot-House-Flippers/169489′>Hot House Flippers</a><br /><b>04:08</b> – <a href=’/en/video/hothouse/Towel-Boy/182648′>Towel Boy</a><br /><b>08:30</b> – <a href=’/en/video/hothouse/Dirty-Doctor/169081′>Dirty Doctor</a><br /><b>12:49</b> – <a href=’/en/video/hothouse/Sgt-Dick/194052′>Sgt. Dick</a><br /><b>16:25</b> – <a href=’/en/video/hothouse/Dirty-Intern/191854′>Dirty Intern</a><br /><b>19:55</b> – <a href=’/en/video/hothouse/Making-Moves/170716′>Making…