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Chandler Scott, Devin Totter

First time Devin Totter Chandler Scott naked camera DeviantOtter 001 Gay Porn Pics 768x412 - Chandler Scott, Devin Totter

I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but I haven’t always been the most organized otter. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Although I’m usually good about accounting for all of the raw footage after filming a fuck session, every now and…

Ryan Powers and Devin Totter

Ryan Powers and Devin Totter Stoned and Boned DeviantOtter 001 gay porn pictures gallery 768x432 - Ryan Powers and Devin Totter

Me and this dude, Ryan Powers have wanted to blaze and fuck for what feels like forever. We finally just met a month ago at gang bang shoot during Southern Decadence, but we didn’t have any time for some one…