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Diego Vena, CodaFilthy

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It was the day. I was getting married to the man I love. Who knew after everything, the yelling, and frustration we would still get married. Our love was just that strong. Hearing Diego Vena’s vows I knew I made…

Dominic Pacifico, Shen Powers

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Phallos’ slave and minion, Shen Powers has come to earth to scout the offense and power of the Gayvengers. The American Hero, Dominic Pacifico drags him into a shabby back alley and goes down on his thick alien cock. Dominic…

Tex, JaeGizibe

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People hire JaeGizibe thinking he only fixes the electrical wiring, but in reality, he is always on the lookout for a tight ass to fuck. Once he’d finished up the light project, he’s now going to try plugging Tex’s ass…

Joseph Banks, David Ace

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Jealous David Ace is off the deep end when he finds evidence of Max’s threeway last night with Ray and his BF Joseph Banks. He heads to the bathhouse to confront Ray, but when he finds only Joe there, he…

Sean Duran, Alex Chu

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Officer Sean Duran has escaped from his confinement and is hiding out as he calls for back-up. He has stolen a bottle of Peckeranium but the Panda Brotherhood is onto his antics. Will he make it out alive? Or will…

Peter Le

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Peter Le slices and dices with his hard sword making his every muscle pop. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Watch FULL MOVIE here! All the Cum Fun updates right here!