Zachary Turner

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I’m really excited today to be getting a new shoot with our cute Canadian mate Zachary Turner up on Bentley Race.

I met Zachary 2 years ago right before the city went into a series of long lockdowns.

I was surprised recently to find out he was still living in Australia.

Now that the lockdowns have finished I invited him around to the studio for a new shoot.

Zachary is one of the sweetest boys you could meet.

Plus he’s super fit and has a gorgeous big cock.

After grabbing a load of stripping photos I swapped cameras to make a new video.

I really wanted to try that big cock myself.

So you’ll see me in this one wanking and sucking Zachary off.

I’ll be getting him back soon for some scenes with our mates.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

All the Bentley Race updates right here!

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