Anson Yang

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This year has proved difficult with the restrictions on travel.

I always meet such beautiful young men during my travels and miss these meetings and I am looking forward to starting up my travels again.

One such hot young man was a 21-year-old Chinese dude Anson Yang whom I met in Berlin, Germany.

Anson visited me in my apartment in the city for a hot naked photo session.

It was a gloriously hot day so we started the shoot on the balcony.

Anson dressed in tiny shorts, a muscle t-shirt, and white tube sports socks lies back showing off his sexy body and crotch bulge.

We had only planned to do the photoshoot, but as we started playing around during the photo shoot, we ended up making a video as well.

Anson got really horny once I pulled my cock out.

And I was getting turned on by that perfect tight little bum.

After rimming Anson’s tight twitchy hole I started shoving my cock into him.

He loves getting fucked and it’s not long before Anson squirts cum across his belly.

I’d say that his first shoot went pretty well.

The photos and the video look great.

I’m looking forward to shooting more with Anson when we can travel again.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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