Jens Christensen, Niko Vangelis

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We’ve not seen a pairing of ripped young jocks for quite some time so today we see Jens Christensen and Niko Vangelis together.

The boys couldn’t decide who was to top and bottom and as both are equally capable in both capacities we decided to flip a coin.

The winner would top in today’s episode and they would reverse roles in part 2 released together on the site.

So as Jens bottoms for Niko’s huge uncut dick.

These two young men are highly compatible, both are highly competitive with big dicks and ripped bodies.

They love to laugh and joke during sex, nothing is serious to these two except the balls deep bareback ass fucking, which is super hardcore sexy.

Both parts are mirror images of each other, from the roughhousing and energetic fuck and overall enjoyment level of the models.

We really wanted to have a ‘favorite’ part to recommend to you, but in the end couldn’t decide which we liked more, so we will have to leave it up to all of you to decide.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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