Dakota Lovell, Jax Thirio

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Hottie young dark-haired Missionary twink Dakota Lovell steps out of the shower in a bathrobe and enters Bishop Jax Thirio’s bedroom.

Bishop Jax looks up from his bible and ushers young Dakota to strip off his clothes and come to him for some hole training.

Elder Dakota has been quite uptight around the church and so Bishop Jax is going to help him loosen his tightness by penetrating his boy hole with Jax’s huge erect dick.

First Elder Dakota sucks down hard on Bishop Jax’s thick cock taking it right to the back of his throat until his huge mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat choking him.

Bishop Dax then bends the little cutie Dakota over and forces his hard erection deep into the young boy’s hot hole making him scream with delight.

Then Bishop Dax opens his hole for the young Missionary boy to fuck him. They switch back and forth until both are super horned up.

Young Dakota takes the ass pummelling in a number of different positions until he can hold off no longer and ejaculates spraying jizz all over his stomach and chest.

Seeing all this boy cum, Bishop Jax loses control and orgasm jizzing all over the young boy’s asshole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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