Sean Cody Conor, Sean Cody Blake

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Young fun cute twink Conor is in the Sean Cody studio for the very first time and he is being teamed up by hottie hunk Blake.

The sexy guys start making out, kissing passionately as they undress each other. Blake undoes Conor’s shorts exposing his hard erect young dick.

Blake on all fours sucks down hard on the young stud’s thick cock getting it balls deep and making Conor moan at the intensity of his blowjob.

Conor then pushes Blake onto the sofa and lifts his legs above his head, so he can rim his hot asshole.

Blake closes his eyes as the younger dude licks his tongue up and down his bubble butt ass crack before diving in deep to his hot hole.

Keeping Blake in the same position, Conor forces his thick young cock deep into his waiting hole.

Conor expertly bareback pummels Blake’s ass hole in long strokes from balls deep until the tip of his big mushroom cockhead is only just inside.

Blake can feel every inch of the youth’s hard erection moving inside his hole and he gets close to orgasm several times, although Conor sensing pulls back a little and the sensation resides briefly.

“Harder… I said fuck me harder!” Blake demands, and Conor does just that, even choking the blond bottom a little as he pounds his ass harder and faster.

Then without warning Blake can hold off no longer and he orgasms, hard and loud, spraying jizz all over his six-pack abs.

Conor’s huge cock is still inside him and they fucks doggy style until Conor cums pulling out and coating his tight bare ass, then fucking his jizz back inside Blake’s freshly fucked ass.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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