Brandon Cody, Sean Cody Shaw

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Brandon Cody and Shaw are outdoors training hard with a punchbag.

Sexy ripped hunk Shaw holds the bag whilst bearded muscle dude Brandon punches with all his muscular might.

Shaw shakes his dick around inside his tight shorts we see his visible soft cock line dancing about.

As the two muscled dudes hang out together Shaw mentions that if he was to bottom for the first time it would be with Brandon.

Brandon playfully punches Shaw in the nuts as the guys retire to the bedroom for some hot gay sex.

As soon as they arrive they get stripped off with Brandon on all fours sucking Shaw’s big erect cock balls deep in his mouth.

Shaw then lies back as Brandon plunges his big bare dick into Shaw’s hot raw ass hole as he moans incessantly as Brandon pushes in and out in a slow methodical rhythm.

Brandon bareback fucks Shaw’s asshole like a power tool ramming his thick raw dick repeatedly getting deeper and harder with each forceful stroke.

Shaw takes Brandon’s anal fucking in a number of positions ensuring he’s as deep as he can go with his balls slapping against Shaw’s bare ass cheeks.

Shaw then sucks on Brandon’s erect dick and spits on it to lube it up before Shaw stands astride Brandon pushing his ass down onto his cock as the bareback fucking goes into overdrive.

With Shaw now in full control, he hammers his ass down onto Brandon’s hot fuck tool and grips it with his tightened ass muscles.

Both sexy men are now very close to orgasm and the intense fucking increases until Shaw spills his load shooting cum all over his hairy six-pack abs.

The sight of Shaw unloading brings Brandon spraying the contents of his balls all over Shaw’s asshole before Brandon fucks the cum back inside.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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