Cole Blue, Jack Bailey

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Sexy young scout boys Cole Blue and Jack Bailey have returned early from their hike, their muscles tired and aching.

But all alone on base camp, and a little bored, the cute boys decide to have some fun with arm-wrestling.

Cole knows he’s way stronger than Jack and thinks he can get his hot new mate into some hot pleasurably compromising positions

As the two boys wrestle with each other on the floor of their tent Cole presses against Jack’s crotch and can feel that Jack’s soft dick is becoming erect through his shorts.

The thought of sucking his young mate’s huge cock turns Cole on and he feels his own huge monster 9-inch dick growing and tenting against his tight undies.

Before long, the two boys are excitedly pulling their dicks out of their shorts to compare hard-ons. Cole reaches across and grabs ahold of Jack’s beautiful 8-inch monster. Jack immediately returns the favor and, within seconds, they’re seductively rubbing and fondling each others’ huge erections with precum dripping all over.

Off with their shorts now, the two boys start to make out, kissing deeply. Cole is desperate to show off some of the sexual tricks he’s learned from dirty encounters with the other horny straight Scoutmasters.

Jack squats down and starts to suck on Cole’s massive thick dick, and he doesn’t have to wait long before Cole is forcing his nine-inch tool deep into his tight bubble butt asshole.

The tall scout fucks his best friend from behind with slow, brutal, bareback thrusts. Jack just loves the feeling of Cole’s massive thick dick moving deep inside his raw hole.

The sexy scout boys switch up positions a number of times with Cole each time getting himself balls deep into Jack’s soft pink asshole, making his moan with delight.

Without warning, Cole can hold off his orgasm no longer and he pulls out and explodes violently with jizz spraying out all over Jack’s scout uniform.

Seeing his friend’s cum all over his clothes, Jack lets rip with a massive cum shot spraying both horny boys with his seed before they lean across for a post fuck cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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