Milo Madera, Edward Terrant

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Hairy young stud Milo Madera and his stepbrother Edward Terrant have recently moved in together in a new apartment downtown.

Ever the trickster Milo keeps pranking Edward who just keeps falling for his games.

That is until Milo hides a tray of cold water on Edward’s chair covered by a blanket.

Edward sits down as normal and feels the sensation of the cold water soaking into his pants.

He then turns around and strips off his pants showing off his tight bubble butt in his assless undies.

Milo can’t keep his eyes off the young dude’s ass and as Edward kneels on the floor in just his socks to load the clothes washer, Milo makes a move.

He just can’t let that young ass go to waste. Milo wanks his huge uncut dick a few times before forcing the massive ass splitter deep between Edward’s smooth ass cheeks.

Edward moans loudly as Milo pumps him full of his solid dick from the tip to his balls in long deep strokes.

They switch up positions each time Milo gets his cock deeper and harder and Edward can feel his hard erection moving inside his hole, he cannot hold off his orgasm for much longer.

First Edward sprays a huge volley of cum shots across his stomach before Milo blows a huge jizz load all over Edward’s face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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