Martin Polnak, Dominik Black

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Martin Polnak sure knows how to get his bottom in the mood.

It’s best to get Dominik Black all lubed up before fucking him, obviously.

After getting Dominik’s skin all slippery, Martin uncovers his partner’s tight little butt and starts rubbing it with fingers, paying special attention to the hole.

While his partner knocks back, Martin gently caresses him as he rubs his hand against Dominik’s cock and then starts sucking on it nicely and slowly.

However, Dominik Black does not want to leave his partner hanging, so he gets Martin’s cock inside his mouth and tugs his thick prick while sucking passionately.

Martin then lays back and caresses Dominik’s head while he sucks dick and plays around with his balls.

In order to get his bottom prepared for penetration, Martin starts licking Dominik’s tight little butt hole and toys his cute cock.

Dominik finally takes his partner’s thick meaty pole inside his asshole and moans while it goes all the way inside.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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