Vincent OReilly, Johnny Ford

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Sexy young hotties Vincent OReilly and Johnny Ford are home alone lying of the sofa stroking each other’s huge erect dicks.

Vincent can feel Johnny’s huge erect cock throbbing against his ass, so he gets between Johnny’s legs to suck his uncut dick, taking it right to the back of his throat.

After savoring Johnny’s cock, Vincent offers up his smooth hole for Johnny to devour.

It’s not long before Vincent wants more, and Johnny gives it to him slowly sliding his hefty meat into Vincent’s hot hole.

Vincent slaps his ass back on Johnny’s pole to feel every inch.

The dom bottom keeps it up by climbing on Johnny and impaling himself bareback on his dick.

While looking into Johnny’s eyes, Vincent grabs his cock and jerks it until thick ropes erupt from the tip and slather his abs in cum.

Seeing Vincent covered in his own load sends Johnny over the edge as he adds his seed to the sticky mess.

To top off the session, Johnny lubes up his cock with their combined loads and fucks it back into Vincent.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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