Pheonix Fellington, Beau Butler, Andre Donovan

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Pierce Paris the billionaire Las Vegas casino mogul wants to provide world-famous rap star Andre Donovan and his agent, Phoenix Fellington, with the gift of some premium ass.

The prison warden, who owes Pierce large sums of money, offers up the handsome inmate Beau Butler.

Beau is suddenly tossed into the smoke-filled crib of the high-rolling recording artist, is stripped naked, and gets to work immediately sucking down hard on both black studs Pheonix and Andre’s humongous cocks as they make out with each other.

On the sofa, Beau continues to blow Andre while Phoenix sucks on the convict’s man-hole until they spin him around and switch places. Beau gives in, and the two hulking men spit-roast their hirsute whore.

Beau rides Andre’s raw fuck-stick before he and Pheonix take turns pumping Beau’s hole while he’s on his back. Phoenix spurts his load onto Beau’s stomach and then pushes his still-hard cock back inside.

After, Andre takes the opportunity to lick out Beau’s hole so he can sample the taste of Beau’s wet ass mixed with Phoenix’s steaming nut milk. Andre thrusts his own massive rod into Beau again.

Beau is overtaken with physical pleasure getting plowed by two huge ebony dicks, and he soon shoots pools of cum around his belly button, allowing Andre to easily wipe it up with his fingers and then shove it into Beau’s overworked mouth.

In the intensity of it all, Andre continues to bang the prisoner bareback, even after Beau has climaxed, until he erupts and creampies Beau’s wide-open asshole.

As Andre slams his huge cock back inside the used-up bottom, Beau is pushed to his limit, bringing the afternoon to an explosively jaw-dropping climax.

How long can the Warden’s sex ring go on and who are all the players in his intricate web of deceit and corruption?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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