Max Konnor, Grayson Lange

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Governor Max Konnor isn’t surprised to find young college student Grayson Lange on the doorstep of his mansion. 

After all, the two have been having a torrid May-December affair since Mrs. Konnor began traveling more frequently. 

Somehow, Grayson has inside details about the scheme at Rider’s Correctional Facility, a subject that Governor Konnor is very eager to discuss.

Grayson, though, is more eager to get his mouth around Max. Grayson wastes no time dropping to his knees, taking Max’s entire girthy shaft between his drooling lips. 

It’s not long before Grayson strips down to his black thong, positioning himself over an expensive chair.  

Max can’t ignore the view, the milky white flesh of a tender young ass, and spanks Grayson’s cheeks until they’re red. 

Soon, Max’s fingers and tongue find their way deep into the college boy’s cum tunnel, a beautifully tight fit for the governor’s huge, raw, fat cock. 

Grayson’s hairless twink-hole is extremely accommodating as Max rams his heavy pole into the piggy undergrad from behind. 

The governor then takes business into his bedroom, where he lays Grayson flat on his stomach. With each bareback thrust, Max rearranges Grayson’s insides until he flips the smooth student onto his back. 

As Grayson demands to be fucked some more, the lawmaker pounds on the boy’s sweet spot until Grayson shoots his hot spunk over his head. 

Still, rock hard, Max unloads into Grayson’s mouth and then samples his seed with a lip-lock. 

In the afterglow, Max reveals that he has someone in addition to Grayson who’s giving him inside information about Riders Correctional.  But who?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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