Landon Conrad, Armond Rizzo

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Sexy young stud Armond Rizzo is getting naked, showing off his gorgeous hairless muscle body and a big dick as he writhes on the bed with muscle hunk Landon Conrad.

Landon is like an Olympic gymnast doing the floor exercise and Landon is the floor.

Landon himself looks daddyish with a full beard and body hair from end to end.

Armond’s tongue bath of Landon reaches his cock, which points due North.

This time Armond lands with his knees on Landon’s shoulders, pausing for a kiss before resuming the blow job.

Armond’s ass is positioned for eating, and Landon doesn’t hesitate.

Armond’s sculpted ass, his muscular back, and the constant swiveling of hips make compelling viewing.

The next maneuver puts Armond on Landon’s lap with a cock in his ass.

Armond’s compact stature means his hole is always tight and the walls are stretched wide by the fat cock that’s drilling him.

Landon alternately kisses Armond’s lips and his nipples while he fucks him.

Landon’s muscled shoulders tense up to shoot his load in Armond’s mouth.

Two fingers in his ass push Armond over the edge, shooting a wad.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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