Cesar Xes, Micah Martinez

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Hot black muscle dude Micah Martinez kneels on the floor and sucks down hard on Cesar Xes’s huge thick Latin dick.

Cesar slaps his cock onto Micah’s waiting tongue.

WIth Micah braced with his bubble butt in Cesar’s face, Cesar gets his lips and tongue deep between Micah’s ass cheeks rimming his tight asshole.

Then with Cesar sat on the sofa, Micah hovers spreadeagled over his huge erect dick before sliding his hole down hard onto it.

Micah loves the feeling of Cesar’s manhood moving deep inside him, he can sense every inch in and out, making his dick super hard.

With Cesar in just his socks and sneakers, he pummels Micah’s hole.

They switch up positions with Micah on all fours and Cesar bare fucking him doggy style.

Micah cries out with every thrust of Cesar’s hard cock.

Cesar gets Micah on his back with his feet up in the air, power fucking his asshole until the ebony bottom stud is close to orgasm.

Micah is first to blow, spraying his hot cum all over his hairy chest with Cesar’s huge dick still deep inside him.

Cesar then can hold off no longer and pulls out before he shoots his load all over Micah’s bare ass before fucking his jizz back inside.

Both sexy studs then lie in a sweet embrace their horny mores subdued again for a time.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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