Alan Vicenzo, John Brachalli

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Today we have Alan Vicenzo and John Brachalli in a wet shower scene, the muscular and attractive Alan Vicenzo gets soaked in his business suit under the flowing shower waters.

Alan explores his sexual diffidence by going into the shower fully suited and letting the water soak his white shirt, revealing a muscled chest and hard nipples.

In a matter of seconds, his boner gets so hard that he takes it out and begins to jerk himself off.

The muscular and attractive Alan Vicenzo gives us an epic suited wet and ripping solo shower performance.

Reaching intense sexual bliss, Alan rips his trousers with the pure strength of his muscular legs and butt. The sensation is worth it and he’ll buy new ones to play with again later.

Shortly after, Brazilian green-eyed stud John enters and is eager to play dirty.

He joins Alan in the shower where the two wet studs perform in one of the best-wet suit sex movies.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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