Dante Colle, Pierce Paris

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The guy at the hotel desk said it was a twin but when Navy Seals Dante Colle and Pierce Paris enter the hotel room they realize to their horror that the room has a double bed.

“Come on Bro,” says handsome hunk Dante, “it will be just like college!”

“I need some privacy sometimes you know.”, is Pierce’s response.

“Hell, you can jerk off in the shower like the rest of us.”

“I know how wholesome you are!”, Pierce remarks exasperatedly, “Wait did you book this single room on purpose?”

“So what if I did!”

Pierce then playfully wrestles his sexy mate onto the bed.

Lying next to each other on the bed Pierce reaches over and plants a romantic kiss on Dante’s cheek.

He then unzips Dante’s pants and sucks down hard on his already rock-solid hung dick.

Pierce manages to deep throat Dante’s cock till his lips are on his balls and his big cock head is hitting the back of his throat.

Dante then returns that favor getting his wet tongue on Pierce’s super hard erection, making him moan with desire.

Then with Pierce on his back, Dante lines up his throbbing dick and forces it deep into Pierce’s waiting hole.

Dante is an accomplished lover and the feel of him moving deep inside Pierce makes him need Dante’s cock more and more.

He’s not disappointed as the ripped muscle hunk Dante throws Pierce around in different positions each time getting his slick dick harder and deeper into his bubble butt.

The bareback ass fucking continues until Pierce can hold off no longer and his balls release their seed with cum spraying from his dick all over his ripped abs.

Seeing all this jizz Dante is not far behind and he pulls out just as he delivers a huge volley of cum all over Pierce.

The hot men fall back and embrace in a manly cum mess.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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