Adam Ramzi, Tristan Hunter

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Outdoors around the fire pit bearded muscle hunk Adam Ramzi tells the story of one of his students Tristan Hunter who takes a personal interest in his teacher.

One afternoon, as the class is breaking up, Tristan leans in close and kisses his teacher Adam.

Adam reciprocates acknowledging the intense feelings between these two.

They make out kissing passionately as Adam gets to his knees and unleashes Adam’s huge thick cock and sucks it deep gagging on it as it hits the back of his throat.

The young student Tristan works his way up and down Adam’s erection making him moan with pleasure.

Tristan strips naked and Adam spreads his smooth ass cheeks and forces his huge dick into his young hole.

Adam pummels Tristan’s asshole in long deep strokes getting his big mushroom cockhead from tip to balls and back again keeping up the pace of this bareback anal fuckfest.

Now with Tristan on top, he grinds his hole down onto Adam’s hard dick getting it deeper inside and feeling every inch of the muscle hunk’s cock moving inside of him.

Adam then takes back control and lying Tristan on his back slides his rampant cock in and out of his asshole as Tristan jerks his own cock frantically.

Tristan is close to his orgasm but Adam slows down making him wait until he sprays his own jizz all over Tristan’s bare ass before fucking his cum back inside Tristan’s freshly fucked hole.

Tristan then loses control firing off a huge firework of jizz all over his stomach.

Both young student, and older teacher fall into each others’ arms and cool off after a frenetic anal fuck session.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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