Jay Tee, Justin Matthews

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There is a line of sexy young men waiting for their turn to see the athletic stud Justin Matthews in his private office.

As another number is called impatient young punk Jay Tee can’t wait any longer and so he breaks the line and pushes in.

As soon as he opens the door Justin tells him, “be quiet and show me your dick.”

Horny young Jay complies immediately as he unleashes his super erect cock.

Justin removes his towel and Jay rushes forward and sucks Justin’s huge dick swallowing it whole.

As Jay lies back, Justin returns the favor choking down his thick young cock right to the back of his throat.

Then Jay forces his ass down onto Justin’s erect dick forcing it in right to his balls.

Justin then picks up the pace power fucking Jay’s hot raw asshole like a jackhammer.

They switch positions with Justin taking the young dude Jay’s bareback cock right up his bubble butt.

Both guys get close to orgasm, first Justin blows his load shooting cum all over them both before Jay sprays cum dowsing his bare ass and then fucking the cum back inside.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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