Tristan Hunter, Shane Cook

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All Tristan Hunter wants for Christmas is to do something nice for boyfriend Shane Cook and fix the antique watch his grandfather gave him.

Unfortunately for Tristan, he’s flat broke and has to work overtime doing online cam shows for client Max Konnor in order to fully pay for the repairs.

Things only get worse when an enraged Shane comes home to reveal that Max is actually his boss and he knows that Tristan’s been filling up his hole with XXL dildos for random people on the internet.

Tristan tries to explain that he only did it to afford Shane’s watch repairs, but Shane tells his loving partner that he actually pawned the watch months ago to help Tristan’s financial struggles.

The two embrace for a passionate kiss before the muscular Shane unwraps Tristan’s ass and starts rimming his smooth hole.

Ready to take on Shane’s thick dick, Tristan mounts his lover and rides his Yule log cock with a satisfied Shane moaning in amazement.

The dick-hungry bottom strokes himself as Shane rapidly pumps his south pole in and out of Tristan’s south hole.

A few more bareback thrusts from Shane’s girthy log has Tristan’s dick blowing an oversized load with Shane pulling out to lay a fresh blanket of cum all over Tristan’s holiday hole. 

Still holding each other, it’s then that the two lovers realize the perfect gift that they can always give each other is free and only a few strokes away.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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