The Gay Simple Life – Josh Moore and Cade Maddox

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DAY 2: GONE FISHIN’ CHALLENGE: It’s time to rise and shine for Day 2 of ‘The Gay Simple Life!’ Josh Moore and Calvin Banks are coaxed out of bed up by muscular Cade Maddox and told to dress in their country finest but be ready to get dirty. Calvin and Josh decide today calls for a splash of pink and their mini Chihuahuas, Molly and Poop. The glitzy city boys appear on the front porch ready for the Fishing Challenge. Cade pulls up in a shiny silver king-cab truck and they head out, driving across the open Tulsa planes on the way to their next challenge location: Sparks America Campground. After stopping for bait, they follow Robert and his pack of mutts down to the fishin’ hole. While Calvin explores his fashion opportunities, Josh and Cade cuddle up to the tub of worms and cast their lines. Josh excitedly catches a fish, but the excitement wears off, and Calvin takes off in a golf cart to huntdown a margarita. Finally left alone, Josh sits up on the back of the truck, feet dangling staring dreamily into Cade’s eyes. Cade takes the bait and kisses Josh gently. The kisses quickly become steamier, more aggressive, clothes go flying off exposing ripped bodies, and Josh falls down on his knees to swallow Cade’s massive cock. After Josh had has his mouth full of cock, he gets on all fours in the back of the pickup truck to get his ass eaten beforeCade slides his humongous, raw dick into Josh’s tight, hungry hole. Cade starts out gentle with Josh bent over the tailgate, but then flips him over on his back, and drills away until his cum juices fly. Cade pulls out lubes up with Josh’s load and then unleashes a hefty spray on Josh’s balls as the sun sets over the Oklahoma plains. Right as they finish, Calvin returns ready to leave, but Josh insists on taking a moment to kick-back on the tailgate, appreciate life and honor the sunset on a glorious day after dropping his load. Maybe the Gay Simple Life ain’t that bad?

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