Get Some – Aybars and Dominik Rider

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Aybars and Dominik Rider are in the Hard Friction studio. They are allsmiles at introductions but the passion takes over and soon Aybars isrock hard and Dominik is licking all over his pecs and biceps. Andfurther down his chiseled abs covered in thick black fur, working hisway down to a very thick meaty cock and balls. He services Aybarswith expert blows, then Aybars fucks his mouth driving deep inDominik’s open throat. Aybars lubes Dominik’s smooth perfectlyround ass with spit and tongue. He massages with long hungry licksburying his face deep in Dominik as he moans for more and more.He’s a rim hungry pig, but somehow he’s able to stand and giveDominik what he’s begging for 9 inches of thick cock. Aybars fuckslike a prize stallion with agile galloping strides. He’s in total controlserving his hungry bottom before a live webcast audience, which forDominik is ever more a turn on. Then Aybars flips Dominik on hisback and hits the spot. Dominik wails in deeper submission staringdeep into his power tops smoldering black eyes. Aybars drills forhome with Dominik jerking his uncut meat until he’s blasted with whitejizz all over his smooth muscled chest and abs. Aybars pushes cumpig Dominik back down on his knees for a full facial finale. Nasty hot!

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