Arabesque – Cory Koons and Remy Delaine

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Deep inside the palace, in a small chamber decorated with colorfulcarpets and stone columns, Raging Stallion’s Man of the Year, RemyDelaine, stands in embrace with Cory Koons (who looks like a littlePalestinian slut!). The two caress each other as their cocks grow tofull attention, which in Remy’s case is really something to see! Pantssoon drop and Cory goes down on Remy’s huge cock (one of thelargest in porn today!) servicing his master with his eager mouth! AsRemy’s cock gets harder and harder, longer and longer, thicker andthicker, Cory struggles until his first hole is worn out. Remy flips himover and impales him with slamming long strokes that practically ripCory in two. Guys, this cock is THICK and Cory takes it like a man. Itis a powerful moment and a great demonstration why Remy waschosen as our Man of the Year.

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