Dirty Scout 279

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I’m sure this job applicant didn’t expect the interview to be so much fun.

His name was Antonio and he was a freshly graduated hairdresser.

His enthusiasm made up for his lack of experience.

Antonio was so eager to do a good job, to make other people happy it was almost touching.

I couldn’t wait to put his smooth hands to work. We started with a nice gentle head massage.

It felt amazing, the guy was a huge talent.

I didn’t hesitate and hired him as a barber right away.

Fortunately, he was broke and needed my help.

There were so many ways to make money.

Not only he was a great masseur, but he was also pretty naughty and knew how to take care of my body.

I couldn’t help myself and fucked him really hard.

He moaned like a little slut and then emptied both our cocks dry.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Justin Foley
Justin Foley
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