Fistpack 23 – What’s Happening Down There? – Rick Powers and Antonio Biaggi

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13699 03 01 - Fistpack 23 - What's Happening Down There? - Rick Powers and Antonio Biaggi
Meet Antonio ’11 inch’ Biaggi and appropriately named Rick Powers.We shot this scene in Arizona up on the ranch when we were filmingTo The Last Man. To the best of my knowledge, this is one of the onlycowboy fisting scenes ever filmed. Antonio really enjoysass play. Carrying around a giant cock all his life has its drawbacks–it’s heavy, it demands constant attention, it gets wet when he sits onthe toilet, and he has trouble finding studs who can take his tool. Youcannot believe how many times Antonio has been frustrated byhaving a huge cock that no one can take. So of course he gravitatesto men who are on the prowl for giant things to stick up their asses.This means that Antonio has gotten a lot of experience with fistingbottoms as they are the only men who he can truly fuck. Rick Powersfits the bill–he can take just about anything and when he saw Antonioup on the shoot, he begged me to put together a scene for the two ofthem. That is how this footage came to be.

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